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ct scan


Radiology is the use of low dose radiation to give medical diagnosis and treatment some tumors. Sakina Hospital has a well-equipped Radiology Unit that is certified by the Kenya Radiation Board.

Our Promise
  • To give the patient accurate imaging diagnostics which helps in administering the best treatment and care.
  • We guarantee our patients comfortable imaging experiences, given by professional staff in a safe environment.
  • To provide technologically advanced imaging services at an affordable price.
  • To provide timely and accurate diagnostic reports.
  • Confidential based results.
Our Team
  • Our radiology team consists of certified radiologists, radiographers, sonographers and nurses.
  • The team is highly skilled and are experts in their field boosting client confidence in quality of imaging offered.
  • The hospital is committed in their continuous education and training to ensure they are at par with outlined radiology standards.
The Facility
  • The unit has remarkable teamwork among staff which boosts efficiency, allowing most results to be available the same day
  • The hospital has invested in cutting edge CT Scanner equipment capable of producing top quality diagnostic images.
  • The Radiology unit also has sophisticated ultrasound and x-ray machines that perform a wide range of accurate imaging.
  • The unit is open for 24 hours and serves both inpatients and outpatients.
  • Our prices are regularized and don’t change over time.
Service Available

The department is equipped with a wide range of advanced and innovative diagnostics techniques to offer radiology services related to

  • CT Scan and CT Guided Biopsies.
  • Ultrasound Examinations and Ultrasound guided FNA & Guided Biopsy.
  • X-rays Examination